• Purpose and Scope of Income

Website information required by customers to provide includes: full name, contact phone number, address, email. This is the information that we need members to provide mandatory when registering to use in order to confirm when the customer orders on the website and to ensure the interests of consumers.

Customers will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and storage of all service usage under their registered name, password and email box. In addition, the Customer is kindly requested to promptly notify BreadTalk of any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, and retention of a third party’s username and password so that we can take action to resolve. fit.
Scope of Information Use

  • Breadtalk uses the membership information provided to:

_ Contact customers to confirm orders and deliver goods upon request

_ Introduce and provide information about the product if there is a request from the customer

_ Send email notifications, marketing, promotions to members

_ Contact and resolve with customers in special cases

In addition, in some of the following cases we may share customer information:

_ Send customer information to the delivery party (Name, address, phone number).

_ In case of legal requirements, judicial agencies, we are responsible for cooperating and providing personal information of customers.

  • Time of Information Storage

Personal data of Members will be stored until there is a request to cancel or members login and perform cancellation.

Remaining in all cases the member’s personal information will be kept confidential on the servers of BreadTalkvietnam.com.

  • Persons Or Organizations May Have Access To Personal Information

Subjects can access personal information of customers / members in one of the following cases:

_ Binh Minh Global Joint Stock Company

_ The partners have signed a contract to perform a part of the service provided by Bookingcare.vn Technology Joint Stock Company. These partners will receive the information under the contract agreement (maybe part or all of the information depending on the terms of the contract) to assist users in using the services provided by the Company.

State agencies upon request of the Company to provide user information to serve the investigation process.

  • Address of Unit of Income and Personal Information Management

Binh Minh Global Joint Stock Company

Address: 593 Nguyen Thi Thap, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC

  • Tools And Tools For Users To Access And Correct Personal Data

Customer has the right to update, correct or destroy personal information by asking BreadTalk to do this.

  • Commitment to Privacy of Customer Personal Information

_ We attach great importance to the security of your information, so we pledge not to arbitrarily use customer information without permission, commitment not to trade, exchange for the party. third (except for the case of providing the name and address of the customer to the shipper).

_ Personal information of customers on BreadTalk.vn is committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with the policy of personal information protection of BreadTalk.vn. Collection and use of information of each customer can only be performed with the consent of that customer, unless otherwise provided by law.

_ In the event that the information server is attacked by hackers resulting in the loss of member personal data, BreadTalk.vn will be responsible for informing the investigating authorities to promptly handle and notify them. let members know.

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