At BreadTalk Vietnam, not only Banh Mi is "Speaking"
We Speak - The Artist Speaks - The World Speaks
We talk
“BreadTalk leads with prestige and quality”

An international big brand from Singapore with more than 10 years of experience in serving in the Vietnamese market, we not only focus on bread production, but also provide customers with diverse experiences based on local taste combined with advanced production processes. Guaranteed safety while preserving the taste.

With the enthusiasm and skills of the professional team, and intensively trained according to Singapore standards. We always try to improve and bring the best service to our customers. We strive to always be the first choice of bakery food for family, friends and work partners.
Artist Speaks
“BreadTalk understands Vietnamese cuisine and Vietnamese tastes”

BreadTalk is famous for its unique creation in the taste of bread and cakes. Expanding the options and Digging deep into each flavor is our "guideline" in creativity. Each recipe and selection is balanced by the artisans with the Vietnamese culinary culture. Create your very own taste experience that you can only get at BreadTalk Vietnam.

Not just Fire Floss - spicy cotton bread. BreadTalk's other lines of breads, cakes, and ice cream cakes have received the trust and love of customers all over the world.
Talking World
“BreadTalk is constantly innovating and creating”

Fire Floss - BreadTalk's signature cake. Won the World's Best Bread Award (World Bread Awards, 2016)

The BreadTalk brand has also won several awards for Innovative Approaches to Baking, Unique Flavor Combinations, Innovative Packaging or Marketing Strategy.

We are confident to meet all needs from quality, appearance to taste. Enjoy a wonderful culinary experience with us. Because, at BreadTalk, it's not just Bread that is "Speaking".
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