Distinguish types of sugar used to make cakes


Today BreadTalk will teach you how to distinguish the types of sugar used to make cakes! Sugar is the raw material that creates the seductive sweetness of cakes, so when it comes to baking ingredients, it is impossible not to mention sugar. Currently, there are many types of baking sugar, each suitable for different types of cakes.

What is the effect of sugar in baking?

  • Gives a smooth texture to the cake.
  • Add sweetness and aroma to the cake.
  • Keeps the cake moist, helping the cake to keep its quality longer.
  • Create a beautiful golden color for the crust.
  • Is “food” for yeast.
  • Combine with fat (butter, shortening) to make ice cream or beat with eggs to create a smooth foam.

There are 4 basic types of sugar used in baking, including:

1. Granulated sugar (diameter)

Diameter is a very common type of sugar that can be found anywhere. This type has the common name of two types of sugar, Ultrafine sugar and Sanding sugar (coarse sugar).

Sanding sugar (coarse sugar) is a type of sugar with larger grains, used to sprinkle the outside of cakes or cookies, they are mainly decorative. Meanwhile, Ultrafine sugar is a very small and fine granulated sugar, this type is often used to make sponge cakes, cookies.

2. Confectioner’s/Powder/Icing sugar (powdered sugar)

Powdered sugar is a type of sugar that is very familiar to bakers. This type of sugar is not in the form of granules, but in the form of a fine powder, pure white and very recognizable compared to other sugars. This type of sugar is often used to make cake coatings or to decorate other European cakes.

3. Brown sugar (brown sugar)

Brown sugar is brown, granular. There are two types of brown sugar, light brown sugar and dark brown sugar. Besides, there are other types of sugar such as unrefined sugar and refined sugar. Due to storage conditions or depending on the type of sugar with high or low moisture, you have a way to store dry or moist brown sugar. When measuring this type of sugar, you should also compact the sugar and then get enough to the required line on the cup.

4. Types of syrups (syrups)

Sugar syrup is a liquid sugar with the main ingredients being sugar and water, they are added with some other flavors such as chocolate or strawberry, etc. to create their own flavor.

There are some popular syrups used in baking such as: Molasses (molasses) extracted from sugar cane. Corn syrup is the type that has the effect of creating moisture and softness for the cake. Malt syrup is used a lot when making yeasted breads. Honey (honey) is a natural liquid sugar and has the effect of moisturizing the cake as well as creating a special aroma.

Above are some types of sugar and how to distinguish sugarused in baking. Hope you have a great time making the cake!


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