Famous cakes in the world


Famous cakes in the world. If you are a fan of cakes or simply a lover of discovery, then surely you will not be able to miss the opportunity to discover and enjoy the most delicious cakes in the world…

Famous cakes in the world. If you are a fan of cakes or simply a lover of discovery, then surely you will not be able to miss the opportunity to discover and enjoy the most delicious cakes in the world…

Famous cakes in the world

Chess Cake

This is a type of cake made mainly from cheese, creating a greasy taste. The top can be covered with jam. The cream cheese cake was made in the 1800s and became one of the familiar cakes of New Yorkers.


It is a very familiar type of cake in Vietnam, but not everyone knows it well. Tiramisu is a very famous coffee-flavoured pastry that originated in Italy. The cake consists of layers of Savoiardi cookies dipped in coffee alternating with a mixture of eggs, sugar, whipped mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder. This cake also has another name, “heaven in the mouth”, to praise the deliciousness of Tiramisu.

Black Forest

This is a type of cake originating from Germany with the original name Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. It consists of many layers of chocolate sponge cake, topped with whipped cream, maraschino cherry and chocolate shavings.

Victoria Sponge

This cake is named after Queen Victoria of England. A traditional Victoria Sponge consists of jam and double the amount of cream. Cakes are often used in British afternoon tea.


This is a cake created by the finest chocolate in Austria. The cake has a mild sweetness, including many layers of bread made from bread and chocolate milk cake, interspersed with apricot jam. This chocolate cake is famous and the city of Vienna has established a national Sachertorte day, on December 5 every year.

Swedish Princess

The appearance of Swedish Princess is as sweet as its name. This is a traditional cake of  Sweden  that is loved by many people. Originally, the cake was made for the royal family, made from jam, eggs, milk, cream and sponge cake, topped with marzipan (usually blue). Vete-Katten, Sweden is the best place to enjoy this cake named after this radio.


Lamington is a cake that carries the pride of Australians. The cake consists of a fluffy, soft core made from flour and eggs, covered with glossy chocolate outside and sprinkled with coconut around. This is a favorite cake across the country, even the Australian government chooses July 21 as Lamington cake day.


This is a simple, familiar but very loved French dish and is often called the scallop cake, made from flour, sugar, butter and milk. People often honor this cake with the name “muse in the tea parties of France”.


As a traditional Japanese New Year food, this cake symbolizes good luck and prosperity in the new year. The filling can be made from dumped beans, white beans or strawberries or some other fruit combined with red beans. The soft, chewy outer shell is a characteristic of mochi cakes, the white rice flour outside helps them become much smoother and more beautiful.


Dorayaki sounds quite strange but if you say Donuts, this is a very familiar cake for comic fans in Vietnam. This donut has become a legend among Doraemon fans around the world.

Donuts are traditional Japanese confectionery. It is shaped like a dumpling, consists of 2 flat round cake shells made of dough, spread with honey, baked and covered with a filling usually made from red bean paste. Nowadays people can make many kinds of fillings (chocolate, bananas, black beans…) but red bean paste is the most typical filling. In some places in Japan such as in the  Kansai region,  Osaka or Nara, this type of cake is often called Mikasa.


This is a French pastry, made with egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour and a little natural coloring. The filling is usually jam, chocolate or buttercream sandwiched in the middle. The macaron features traditional flavors like raspberry, chocolate and new flavors like mushroom and green tea.


Pandan cake is also known as pandan cake. The cake has a beautiful natural green color, the scent of pandan leaves and is soft, spongy but not too sweet. This is a very famous cake in Singapore, often bought by many tourists as a gift.


This is a dish that is present all over the streets of Brazil. The cake is made with a thin layer of crispy flour, when eaten, it will be sandwiched with cream, banana, cheese, and chocolate. When you put a piece of Tapioca in your mouth, you will feel a very strange taste with a very soft filling, a crust and a mild chocolate taste.


This cake is named after Russia’s leading ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova. The cake was created in her honor when Pavlova toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. This cake is made from whipped egg whites with sugar, has a hard but spongy crust on the outside, and a soft inside. marshmallow layer. Cakes are often served with whipped cream and fresh fruits, berries, kiwi…

Apple Pie

Apple pie is considered a symbol of American culinary culture, representing prosperity and pride during the years of the 19th and 20th centuries of this country. Apple cake with thin, crispy crust, hidden sweet apple filling, with a little sour taste of fruit will be a perfect choice for confectioners around the world.

Gateau St. Honore

This light dessert cake is made from chocolate-dipped choux-like cakes topped with whipped cream and caramel. Gateau St. Honore is named after a baking saint and originated in France, but you should try this cake in Belgium because it is so delicious.

Limburg Pie

These fruit pies from the South of the Netherlands have a soft, simple texture and are usually made with a mixture of eggs, milk and a few biscuits. “The Limburg Pie crust is not crispy. It’s a bit like bread but still gives a very high-class taste.”


The Swiss caramel is particularly appealing and luxurious and is a prominent item on most Swiss pastry shops. The shell of this tiny tart is made with dark chocolate ganache and crushed almonds while the surface of the cake is covered with an eye-catching turquoise frozen sugar.

Which cake from the list of “Famous Pastries in the World” that we just mentioned above left the best impression on you?


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